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From time to time our visitors write in to let us know how they got on with their fishing.

I ventured over to the lake about 3 weeks ago and had one of the best fly fishing sessions I’ve ever had. The weather was extremely rough, windy, raining, quite frankly, I have no idea why I was out. But I decided to fish the north end of the lake where the wind was blowing. It seems every trout in the lake was holed up in the are waiting for food to blow over. I had 9 browns and 4 perch in 45 minutes. It was absolutely stunning sport and it was practically a fish a cast.

Hoping to get out a few more times before the season finishes.

Mike Thrussell Jnr

Wise Fish Media

Now, it’s not often we get quite such a detailed report. And we’re really grateful to Phil Carrington! His entire piece follows, unabridged.

But first here’s a picture taken (just an iPhone snap) on the actual evening of Phil’s visit…

From Phil Carrington, fished here on Weds 11th June 2014…

On Saturday 7th June I purchased my fly fishing kit from Foxons in St Asaph, on the Monday night I had a casting lesson with Derek Turner A.A.P.G.A.I, at Tan-y-Mynydd Trout Fishery. On the Wednesday 11th I bought my day ticket to fish Llyn Coron from the post office in Llanfaelog and headed to the lake.

I struggled to find the fisher man’s car park so made a quick call to David Griffiths who gave me the directions and some very helpful advice on how to fish and where to fish.

This is my first time fly fishing, I have been fishing since I was 7 but never fly fishing.

I started fishing approx. 0830 making my way around the top section of the lake wading. The only fish to make a show was a nice bar of silver, jumping off the reeds at the top but no joy in catching. So I headed back to the car park and waded out from the where the boats are stored. On my second cast I caught a very lively brown trout approx. 1.5 lb. to 2.0 lb., my first brown trout, my first brown trout caught on a fly rod, my first fish on a fly rod. I returned the fish and carried on for another hour or so then called it and packed up and ended home for lunch.

I returned to Llyn Coron around 1730 and started to get my kit together, a car pulls up and the gentleman introduces himself as David Griffiths, a quick chat and some more friendly advice and I start fishing in the same place as I caught earlier. I waded out from the boats up to chest high casting along the edge of the weed. Plenty of fish moving and feeding on the surface but no takes. A bit frustrating at times, but with the moon coming up over the mountains and the weather perfect it was a great evening.

I guess I am using the wrong fly so try a couple of others but still nothing. David is in his boat to the left of me just up from the old jetty, he managed three fish if I remember correctly. We both stop fishing and a quick chat in the car park before heading home.

The weather was excellent all day, the advice I was given by David was spot on. I will be returning soon and will more than likely join as a member in the near future.

Phil Carrington

…fished on Saturday just gone and although it was very windy I managed to have some great sport tempting some good fish to take my muddlers in the waves.
Chris Girling

Great little lake, best setting ever, Snowdon in the distance watching over us.

Started in the evening and at about 8.30 the expected sedge hatch came, big fat flies with long whiskers. The trout went wild for a dry sedge muddler fished from the weed into the ripple. Good sized fish.

Easy wading and a beautiful fishery.

Saw two other people in boats otherwise all to myself. Took one for breakfast!

James Graham

I had 17 in total, all 10″ plus and had four double hook ups. Its a cracking venue and the trout really came on hard for about an hour when the main hatches came off (around 1 – 2pm).

Thanks again!


…a fantastic lake, nice warm water too, and saw a lovely 2lb – 3lb brown trout jump nearby. Will definitely return!
David Tracey

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