The Season So Far …

Jun 8, 2015

Llyn Coron - March 2015

In late March the season started slowly, even though there were a good number of anglers braving the sharp winds we had throughout the Spring months.

But as April warmed the water up a little, and despite the cold and wet May weather, there have been a few notable bags landed and plenty of activity in the returns book. Fly patterns working well have been mostly dark and fished in smaller sizes. Black and peacock spider has been my personal favourite so far this year. It has accounted for around a dozen fish, in the odd hour here and there I have been able to spend on the water. Also, working well more recently has been a small Gold Ribbed Hares Ear, fished very slowly at about 3 to 4 feet depth, which even accounted for a small (10″) sea trout in the bay where the Gwna flows into the lake.

There have also been other reports of sea trout landed and spotted running, so it appears that we are much better off than the almost complete absence of them we experienced last year.

Hot spots seem to be in the north bay around the Ffraw and another good spot to try is about 30yards off Cormorant Rock, fishing towards the shore. Fly life has also increased noticeably in the last couple of weeks, with some very heavy sedge hatches leading to some superb evening rises. I have had many fish on dry fly from the bank in the last hour of dusk.

It’s good to see many fish being returned. When I advise day ticket anglers of the bag limit a number have told me they will be fishing barbless and just want a ‘sporting ticket’. Something we might consider formally for future seasons perhaps? We stocked at the end of April: 400 fish of minimum size 13″, and I’m pleased to say the fishing is very good so far this year.

Finally, I’d be really grateful for any more fishing reports to share with members if possible, so do feel free to contact me with updates and I’ll look to include more details in future fishing reports.

Tight lines all …