Stocking Policy

What stocking policy do you have?

As we are a small syndicate (and you’ll often have the place to yourself!) our stocking policy is determined by the number of members, so changes annually. At the least we introduce around 500 fish per annum (brown trout only) at a minimum length of 12″. The allows for a weight averaging about 1.5lbs.

The last few years our catch returns, even allowing for the inevitable anglers who “forgot” to enter them, show a substantially lower catch rate against stocking. So with that and a slightly lower number of anglers recently have meant that the more capable anglers in the club, who rarely return empty handed (not me, I might add!), are reporting higher numbers of larger fish which have grown on. The lake is very rich in food so this is increasingly common. That said, we are still planning a further 500 fish in April, and may well stock twice this year as member numbers have taken an upturn. If you’re keen to join you may want to get in as soon as possible while there are still vacancies.