Shore Fishing In Mid Summer

Would appreciate your advice as to the best place to fish from the shore on a day ticket – there is a lot of vegetation and access to the waters edge seems to be a problem – the farmland on the opposite side from the car park seems a better option but assume it is private and a long way from the car park. Many thanks for any help.

Thanks for your interest in our fishery. That’s a really good question, so much so that I have amended our website map of the lake to show the footpath access to the north side of the lake:

You’re quite right about the difficult bank access on the South West side – in fact all the way down to the Sandy Bay at the far southern end is pretty much impossible in the main body of the season as the rushes grow thick & tall! Fishing is possible if you wade, which is quite easy as the bottom is flat, firm and sandy. But it’s still quite a chore just getting down there from the car park.

However, we do have fishing right round the lake and the North East shoreline is really easy and only a 10 to 15 minute walk from the car park. My revision to the map shows where the public footpath cuts across to the footbridge over Afon Ffraw. The start of the path is easy to find just off the lane a few yards on the right after the farm track.

If you cross the footbridge the whole of the North East Bank is very easy fishing all the way down to Cormorant Rock, with low flat grassy banks and clear back-casting. You can wade a little too, but the lake bed is a bit rockier here than the south side so take care.

And it’s just a personal observation, but I do find that by far the best fishing is to be had on this side as there is a steeper drop off within casting range and cruising fish abound.

I do hope this is helpful and that you will give it a try on one of our very reasonably priced day tickets! If you do please write in and let me know how you get on – it would be handy to be able to share more catch reports with other visitors.