Sea Trout Fishing On Coron

I am organising a fishing holiday on Anglesey next year for myself and a friend. We would like to visit Llyn Coron as it sounds delightful, particularly targeting the sea trout. Is there a month which you’d recommend for sea trout or does it fish well all season? I assume it is fly only or do you permit other methods. I have yet to fish for sea trout on still water so any advice on fly patterns would be very helpful.

Our fishery isn’t really renowned for being a sea trout fishery. It’s just that as we’re only about 2 miles inland from estuary at Aberffraw and connected to the sea by a small spate river called Afon Ffraw, from about July onwards there can be a few small and sporadic runs of sea trout if there is enough water flowing.

However, planning a trip specifically around the sea trout would be pretty hit and miss. Much more so than, say, a larger sea trout river such as the Ogwen, Seiont, Mawddach each of which is not too far away on the mainland and much less dependent on water levels (although still somewhat so) to encourage sea trout up river in late summer.

That said, if you’d still like to visit Coron we are fly only and there is a good head of wild and some stocked brownies. We don’t stock rainbows at all. And of course there may be a few silver fish to be had if you’re lucky. It does fish well throughout the season, especially in May – June once it’s warmed up and the flies are hatching freely. July / Aug can be slower, but there are still some great evening rises to enjoy. Later on in Sept and into Oct there will be some good fry pattern action as the trout can be feeding up on perch.

We are a small syndicate and it’s a good water once you work out it’s foibles! As a day ticket water it’s a great location and very enjoyable, but much tougher fishing than a standard commercial fishery. So if you slot in a day or two on Coron as part of a broader angling holiday I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience. I just think it’s worth saying that you would need to take us as you find us because we can’t really guarantee the fishing as well as a commercial venue might.