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some email queries which may be helpful to others

2015 Club Membership

Please could you tell me how much it costs for a season permit this year, as I am hoping to join. And to whom do I pay?

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Can I Use A Kayak?

Is the fly fishery still open and am I able to purchase day tickets? Would I be able to bring a kayak to fly fish off as boats are only available to members?

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Boat Hire?

We visited last year with my brother from New Zealand. Unfortunately, none of the boats seemed to have rowlocks. We struggled round the Lake but as you know its hard to get round. We are staying in Henley’s in august and I would like to fish in May. Are the boats (and rowlocks) in working order?

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Motorhome / Disabled Access

I am visiting Anglesey next week for a few days. However, I have a slight disability, in that I can’t walk too far, and my transport would be a small motorhome. Would your water be suitable with regards access for myself, and parking my van? Having looked on Google Earth the access lane looks narrow, are there passing places? Any help appreciated.

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Early Season Form

I was wondering how the lake fishes earlier on in the season, April time? Would it be worth venturing out? Or am I best waiting until the summer? Also, is there a charge for float tube launching?

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Sea Trout Fishing On Coron

I am organising a fishing holiday on Anglesey next year for myself and a friend. We would like to visit Llyn Coron as it sounds delightful, particularly targeting the sea trout. Is there a month which you’d recommend for sea trout or does it fish well all season? I assume it is fly only or do you permit other methods. I have yet to fish for sea trout on still water so any advice on fly patterns would be very helpful.

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Float Tubes

I would like to use my float tube, will there be an extra charge for this on top of the permit?

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2021 Season

21st March




Whilst this is an open and remote location, we do ask all anglers to respect social distancing regulations in the event of any interaction with other persons, whether angling or walking within the area. We do reserve the right to ask persons found to be in breach of this request to leave the area.


Please do feel free to contact us with any queries not covered by our website. And if you do come and fish at Llyn Coron, why not tell us about your visit.