Motorhome / Disabled Access

I am visiting Anglesey next week for a few days. However, I have a slight disability, in that I can’t walk too far, and my transport would be a small motorhome. Would your water be suitable with regards access for myself, and parking my van? Having looked on Google Earth the access lane looks narrow, are there passing places? Any help appreciated.

The lane up from Aberffraw is quite narrow, but visibility is very good and there are passing places. So unless you’re in a giant Winnebago you should be okay! There should also be plenty of room to park your motorhome, as we have our own private car park which is plenty big enough for a truck to do a 3 point turn.

With regards to walking distances, you will probably find you do have to walk a couple of hundred yards in either direction from the car park, and the terrain isn’t always perfectly flat. So that might pose a slight problem. Also, as the entire lake is reasonably shallow by most natural stillwater standards bank anglers do tend to wade 10 to 15 yards out in order to effectively cover fish. This will often only take you thigh deep and the Lake bottom in many areas is quite flat, sandy and very firm especially along the south west shore. So wading is reasonably easy. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring a float tube.

Hopefully this has been somewhat helpful, but I would recommend that you pop along to the lake and have a look around yourself before deciding whether or not you would like to purchase a day ticket.