Members’ Notes

May 13, 2016

Llyn Coron - March 2015

A meeting was held at the lake with the Bodorgan Estate on Thursday May 12. We met in the anglers car park and reviewed the current situation around the vehicle access to and storage / mooring of members boats.

Issues have been raised around the inability of non-four-wheel-drive vehicles to gain access to the boat storage area. It is proposed to put some hard core down on the wetter areas and place a lockable bollard in the entrance to keep vehicles out when the ground is still too wet.

With regards to increasing the area for boats to be moored and stored, we await permission to remove more bank-side growth to create a larger docking area.

The abandoned and derelict boats will be moved away from the areas which they currently block, and in due course any unaccounted for will be disposed of. If any ex-member wishes to retrieve a boat they should do so as soon as possible as the club will not be liable for compensation for their removal once they’re gone. Especially as we might well have to pay from club funds to deal what is, in effect, fly-tipping!

Going forwards from the above meeting, once we have confirmation of permission to proceed from the Estate, we’ll be making plans to improve the area as soon as possible. Please keep an eye out for notices here if you’d like to help us out.

Finally, we have stocked the lake recently with 400 13″ brownies. Latest reports show the lake fishing pretty well on native fish and some very well grown on over-wintered fish too. Good evening rises are now starting to show so we’re hoping for another good season.

Thank you,
David Griffiths