Fly Restrictions & Recommendations

Just a quick question – I’m about to tie my flies for the start – are there any fishery restrictions on size or type? I mainly fish nymphs – but would welcome any suggestion to the type of fly that fishes well at Coron.

We don’t have any specific restrictions on flies at all.

Like you, I’m predominantly a nypmh / naturals angler myself, although my no means qualified to make recommendations!

That said, I have had good success on GRHE, Pheasant Tail, Buzzers etc in quite small sizes (12 max, but mostly 14 and up). Generic patterns such as Diawl Bach and Bibio Hoppers have been good too.

Also, we have quite good mayfly and sedge hatches now and then, so worth carrying dry’s of these. My favourite is the Cinnamon Sedge.

At the start of the season though I’ll be using small lure patterns until the natural food picks up. A green Montana or Viva works well fished deep. But as the lake is quite shallow, really, if we get some decent spring weather in late April and May, the water warms up quite quickly and brings on the natural fly life much quicker than mainland upland lakes, so you could stop with the lures quite early.

I do hope this helps – but don’t quote me on anything above!