Fishery Rules

& Fishing Information
  • The season runs from 20th March to 17th November.

  • Fishing is from dawn to dusk. FLY FISHING ONLY.

  • Catch and release is permitted on barbless hooks only.

  • Bag limit is 2 fish per day.

  • Minimum size for fish taken is 12”.

  • Day ticket holders may leave and return as many times as they wish during the daylight hours of the given date.

  • Anglers must enter name and car registration number in the returns book in the box BEFORE fishing (including members’ guests).

  • All anglers must complete a catch return (including “nils”) in the book after fishing OR use the new online return form at:

  • Anglers must be in possession of the appropriate rod licence and if taking sea trout then a migratory licence is required.

  • Boats are for members and guests only. Float tubes, kayaks etc are allowed at THE USER’S OWN RISK.

  • It is the responsibility of all anglers to provide adequate personal safety precautions; including wearing a life jacket whilst using a boat, float tube or wading.

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Season Members:

  • We no longer operate a discount for member’s guests so visitors would need to purchase a day ticket prior to fishing.
  • Any member’s guest under 16 may fish free of charge.

Fishing Info

We are just a small syndicate and the water is not run like a commercial fishery. This means that the location is more like a wild lake and anglers should approach it accordingly.

We do our best to ensure access to the water is available throughout the season, but sometimes it can be a challenge to get through the bankside vegetation, so please bear that in mind. Also wading is often necessary to cover fish as the water can be quite shallow close to the banks.

In high summer the best access and fishing can be found on the North and East banks. This is accessed by walking along the lane from the Anglers’ Car Park for about 300 yards until you come to a farm track on the left. Opposite this lane there is a public footpath access through the lane boundary on the right which leads you towards the lake.

The fishing along this bank, over the Afon Ffraw bridge and all the way down the East shore and round past Cormorant Rock to Gwna Bay has easier access, and is often better than on the West and South banks. These other banks can be very difficult to access when the summer growth is in full swing.

On the North and East banks, wading can be unnecessary as fish will feed close in on the abundant fly life. But if you find wading essential it the lake bed is slightly rocky, but quite firm.

Please do feel free to contact us with any queries not covered by our website. And if you do come and fish at Llyn Coron, why not tell us about your visit.