Fishery Rules

& Fishing Information
  • The season runs from 21st March until 17th October.
  • Fishing is from dawn to dusk.
  • Anglers are requested to complete a return on fish caught and released (including “nils”) using our online return form here.
  • Day ticket holders may leave and return as many times as they wish during the daylight hours of the given date.
  • Anglers must be in possession of the appropriate rod licence.
  • Boats are for members and guests only. Float tubes, kayaks etc are allowed at THE USER’S OWN RISK.
  • Any persons under 18 may fish free of charge.

Important Fishing Information:


We are just a small fishery, and the water is not run along the lines of a commercial stocked fishery or managed club water. This means that the location is a wild lake, with wild fish, and anglers should approach it accordingly.

The lake is situated in an SSSI so the banks are not maintained for access to the water, but are allowed to grow on in order to encourage wildlife. This means that, in some areas along the lake shore, it can be a challenge to reach the water through the bank-side vegetation. Especially in mid to late season. So please bear this in mind when considering fishing here. Particularly if you have any mobility issues.

Also wading is often necessary to cover fish as the water can be quite shallow close to the banks.

The easiest access and fishing can be found on the North and East banks, but you do need to be able to walk about 1/3 of a mile from the parking area to reach this side of the lake. It is accessed by walking along the lane from the car park for about 300m until you come to a farm track on the left. A few metres past this lane there is public footpath access through the lane boundary on the right which leads you towards the lake.

The fishing along this bank, over the Afon Ffraw bridge and all the way down the East shore and round past Cormorant Rock to Gwna Bay has easier access, and is often better than on the West and South banks. These other banks can be very difficult to access when the summer growth is in full swing.

On the North and East banks, wading may be unnecessary as fish will feed close in on the abundant fly life. But if you find wading essential it the lake bed is slightly rocky, but quite firm. in these areas wading is not too difficult, but do please take care. We strongly recommend all reasonable safety precautions and equipment. Wading staffs and life-jackets are very important in a wild fishery where you may often be entirely alone.

Please do feel free to contact us with any queries not covered by our website. And if you do come and fish at Llyn Coron, why not tell us about your visit.