Early Season 2017 Catch Returns & Report

Jun 13, 2017

Llyn Coron - July 2016
Llyn Coron - July 2016

The catch returns to date this season have been on a par with last year, this being despite the fact that due to a significant reduction in the number of season members we have been unable to afford to stock this year. Also there have been fewer fishing sessions logged, making  the average return higher.

So far it appears that our reliance on existing fish stocks this year does not appear to be having a majorly adverse effect on the fishing because plenty of grown-on fish from earlier years’ stocking are clearly thriving in the lake.

As ever, the most effective flies have tended to be small naturals and traditional patterns, with only one fish coming to a stripped lure – if the returns are to be believed! I have personally landed 26 fish predominantly on size 14 GRHEs and olive nymphs, fished deep during daylight hours. And size 14 claret buzzers in the top couple of feet in the last hour or so after sunset. Always fished as slowly as possible.

The evening sedges hatches we usually get in late spring have been nothing like as lively as last year, but the first couple of months of the season have been quite badly hampered by the weather. On the plus side, the recent rain has brought the water level back up to the usual midwinter height. And one extremely positive effect of this is keeping Cormorant Rock underwater; I haven’t seen a single cormorant on the lake in the last 2 or 3 weeks.

Another very positive effect of all the additional water in the lake is that it has brought the sea trout up very early this year. The sea trout catch so far is already looking much healthier than last years, with all fish being returned unharmed as far as I’m aware. Whilst these fish are not very big, they do give great hard fighting sport.

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