Directions and Bank Access

Is it possible to get directions so I would end up at the fishery please? That would help very much.

The easiest way to find the lake is coming up from Aberffraw where the main road over Afon Ffraw has a turn off up a lane near the bridge. The lane follows the river up from the village. Follow this lane for about 1.5 miles and you’ll arrive at the fisherman’s car park.

The best fishing from the bank requires you to walk a little from the car park. Carry on up the lane in the same direction you approached the car park, on foot about 250 metres. You come to a left turn for a farm track. Opposite this on the right hand side of the lane is a footpath towards the lake. It may appear slightly overgrown at this time of year, but it’s easy enough to walk through to the north bank of the lake. I walked round there yesterday to check it’s all accessible. From there you can fish all the way round past where Afon Ffraw enters Llyn Coron (there’s a footbridge) right down the north east bank (where some of the best fishing is) to where Afon Gwna enters the lake.