Bank Access Footpaths

Please advise how bank fishing is accessed as i looked at the lake beginning of August and it is surrounded by thick reed beds and the boats are for members only. Thanks.

The banks are cleared as much and as often as possible by members of the very small syndicate. But as you can imagine, with such a large area to manage it’s not always too easy when the growth is at its fastest in mid-summer. We have recently cleared the path to the North Bridge which gives bank access to a large area of the lake from the footpath access opposite the farm track just up the lane to the North. Also the access to the path to the South Bay has been cleared, but you will almost certainly need to wade on this side of the lake to cover fish. That said, it’s very productive and wading is really easy on the flat, firm sandy bottom. The North side gives you bank access to deeper water close in and there is little vegetation to cause access or necessitate Spey-casting skills.

I have recently updated the website map to show the access footpaths and the easiest bank fishing areas. Areas not marked can still be accessed and fished by particularly adventurous and determined anglers!