2018 AGM Report

Mar 13, 2018

The AGM was once again kindly hosted by Tim Bowie at the Bodorgan Estate office. Catch returns and accounts for 2017 were reviewed and the following specific matters were discussed:


  1. A drop off of about 50% season membership last year, combined with a substantial increase in stock fish prices, meant stocking was financially unviable. With no sign of a significant increase in 2018 season ticket membership we are unlikely to be able to stock this year. A proposal to reduce fees to reflect this (and allow for the likely algae issues in mid-season) and maintain the lake as a sustainable wild fishery was proposed and carried.
  2. Adjustments to the rules were agreed to reduce the daily bag limit to 2 fish at a minimum size of 12″.
  3. The season will therefore now reflect standard wild trout dates from 21st March to 17th October.
  4. A discussion was held about whether to join the Fishing Passport scheme to encourage additional day ticket sales. Whilst the general feeling was the fees are too high, it was agreed to trial this for one season as it is hoped that additional tickets may be sold to anglers who otherwise would not have found us.
  5. Footpath access from the car park along the north bank was discussed. A permanent working party headed by Rich White will take necessary action to create a discreet and low impact footpath to join up with the existing public footpath.
  6. The recent pollution incident was discussed. We will be unable to quantify any effect on the fishing for some time. NRW are currently pursuing a case against the offending farm and whether we will need to, or be able to mount a civil action remains to be seen.
  7. It was suggested that an online return form be set up to gather more accurate returns and rod hours figures. This will assist in assessment of the viablility of remaining a wild fishery and also help to quanitfy any impact from the pollution incident. Click here to make online returns.

Mike Bloor
Ian Mitchell
Ged Richardson
Nigel Hargreaves
Brian Tomlinson
Dave Burke
Rich White
Alan Winstone
Tim Bowie
David Griffiths