2016 – Early Season Report

May 15, 2016

Llyn Coron - May 2016

Unlike previous seasons, where members had to wait for catch returns to be announced at the following season’s AGM, we’re now adding them to this site as we go along. Click here to view the latest figures. Hopefully this will be helpful to anglers who’d like to know how things are going without having to come to the lake and to check the returns book!

The 2016 season got off to the best start since 2005, good weather contributing to bringing out quite a few more anglers than usual at that time of year. Unfortunately the poor whether during April meant fishing was restricted to those brave anglers who can tolerate horizontal rain!

Things have improved significantly in the last few weeks. And since we didn’t stock the lake this year until May 7th, it was good to see lots of healthy and well grown on overwintered fish being caught.

Favourite flies have been GRHE and damsel nymphs, predominantly gold-heads to get them down to the fish. Towards the end of April and early May, we have had exceptional hatches of hawthorn flies and I have personally caught at least half a dozen fish on black hoppers finished on the top dropper a foot or so below the surface, even during the day in bright sunlight!

A special mention must go to Dave Burke, who landed an excellent £3 overwintered brownie on a GRHE.

We are now starting to see good evening rises from about 8pm onwards so that last couple of hours on a sunny evening can be very productive.

No reports of any sea trout as yet, although we have been assured by a professional ecologist that they will almost certainly have come up the river during recent rainfall and be lurking in the lake right now. I’m sure we’ll all hope that he’s right about this!

Finally, I just like to remind all anglers that I’d be really grateful for any fishing reports, photos, and news for us to share on the website with other members and visitors.

David Griffiths