2015 Club Membership

Please could you tell me how much it costs for a season permit this year, as I am hoping to join. And to whom do I pay?

Our fees for syndicate members for 2015 are £175. As it happens our AGM was just yesterday, so I can confirm that we do currently have availability.

There are some minor changes to rules currently displayed on the website at the moment, which I’ll be updating shortly, but you I should let you know that the daily bag limit has been reduced to 4 fish (still barbless catch and release after that though) and also the £6 concessionary rate for member’s guests has been withdrawn, so you would need to buy a day ticket at £15 for visitors.

If these updates are OK with you and you would still like to join us you can now sign up online.

We’ll then send you out a confirmation letter, copy of the rules and your membership ticket.